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At Goodwin Custom Homes, we’re experts in the custom home construction business. We have been working in real estate for over 30 years and will be able to pinpoint the perfect location for you and your new custom home. Why be unsatisfied when you can build the perfect home of your imagination and live in bliss!


Goodwin Custom Homes in Charlotte North Carolina


“We are relocating to Charlotte and we want a Move-In Ready Home. Where do we start?”


“I want to buy my own land and am not sure where to start. Can you help me?”


“We found our dream land and are ready to start the custom home build process. Can you guide us through that?”


We’ll build you the home that you yearn for.

We have been in the real estate market over 30 years and are specialists in land acquisition, house plans, and — of course — building homes. If you’re looking to get your house built with quality and promptness in mind as well as to the specifications you desire, we are the team for you!

About Us


“Chris built us our dream home.”

“We had unforeseen obstacles and he did everything he could to work through them with us.”

Rusty Menchaca

“It was really easy to work with Chris.”

“He was very patient and always explained the pros and cons of every change that we asked for. This helped us make the right decisions and we are very happy with the final product. If we were ever to build another home we would pick Goodwin Custom homes.”

Houzz Review

“Goodwin Custom Homes was an absolute pleasure to work with.”

“This was our first time to build a house, not to mention it was a total custom home build, and Chris and his team were very helpful along the way. We have stayed in touch now more than a year later, and they still provide help, referrals and advice when we need it. Thank you, GCH!”


“We have been blown away by Chris’s patience and attention to detail, both in the workmanship of the home and his continued efforts to make our vision a truly custom reality.”

“Design help from Susan was the unforeseen and invaluable bonus to what would have otherwise felt like an overwhelming process. Thank you Goodwin Custom Homes… we truly could not be happier with and in our new home!”

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