Goodwin Custom Homes will design and build your luxury custom home in Charlotte North Carolina
How can we help YOU build your own CUSTOM HOMES?

How can we help YOU build your own CUSTOM HOMES?

Let’s start off with a little background on how WE began building custom homes in Charlotte. It all started back in the 1990s- early 2000’s- you know- the good ol’ days! Chris was growing up and watching his grandfather build homes on Daufuskie Island, SC- just off of Hilton Head Island. This is where his dream was started. He spent summers and many breaks from school on the island, “apprenticing” and sparking a big interest in the building process. 


Fast forward a few years ⇒ Chris graduated college and got serious within the Real Estate world. He did many house flips throughout college & as he entered real estate, the market was wild to say the least. 2007-2013 was a tumultuous time but gave him experience and the gumption to begin building.

As a newly married couple, Chris & Susan started Goodwin Custom Homes. From there, 10 years has passed and almost 100 Custom Homes have been built in and around Charlotte with their build + design expertise. 


So this begs the question- how can YOU build your own home with Goodwin Custom Homes? There is never a one way street or straight of way process to beginning.

  • If you are on the hunt for land-like most people that approach us, we can stay in touch while you do your search if anything we may have in our inventory does not fit your needs.
  • If you have the land and you’re ready to build, we are happy to assist with house plans and getting you started.

There are many steps before we actually start the build!

Sometimes people do not realize these steps. ALL of these are needed for the bank to approve your construction loan to get us started.

  1. Survey of your land or lot.
  2. Well and septic permit from the county.
  3. House plans approved 
  4. Engineered plans (many don’t realize this step!),
  5. & of course a budget-which we go over in extreme detail a few times.

These parts of the “process” is daunting but each and every step is of the utmost importance!

Over the years we have curated a team that makes the build process go smoothly. We are grateful for our beginnings and never forget how it all started. There is nothing we love more than we assist others in building their own dream home!

How can we help YOU get started in building your own home? What stage do you fall under in the process? 

Our team can assist in making any stage of getting started a little easier so you can begin your build journey.


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